Cloud Platform & Guaranties

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We Manage Our Entire Cloud Infrastructure With Full Automation Through Our Amazon AWS Partnership

Whatsapp 112 Emergency Contact Line

We believe in the power of fast communication, we give ourcustomers a fast communication line

Bugfix and Update Guarantee

Our products are quite stable. All Errors That May Still Occur Are Updated Under Warranty

Performance and Stability Guarantee

We Guarantee Optimum Performance and Maximum Stable Operation with Our Cloud Infrastructure

Automatic Backup Guarantee

We Automatically Back Up Your Data Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually

Version Migration Guarantee

Upgrade of Standard Modules and Upgrade of Your Database Under Warranty


Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

We Allocate Two Dedicated Servers for Our Premium ERP Customers, Test and Live

Installation and Configuration

We Make Dedicated Server Installation and Configuration Free for Our Premium ERP Customers

Maintenance and Update

We Automate Dedicated Server Maintenance and Updates for Our Premium ERP Customers

99.8% Uptime Guarantee

We Use Automatic Temporary Additional Resources in Intensive Operations So You Work Uninterruptedly

Intrusion Prevention System

Our Cloud Infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001 Certified and Attack Monitoring, Detection and Prevention is carried out

Disaster Prevention System

Live Data and Backups Are Held in Different Regions, Recover in 30 Minutes in the Event of Disaster

Take Your Business to the Cloud and Leave the Rest to Us

We Provide Cloud Infrastructure Support Services Free in All Subscription Plans